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Dead Island 2 introduces us to an eclectic cast of Slayers who are all attempting to escape from the zombie outbreak plaguing Los Angeles. After a brief moment with them all during the evacuation, it’s time to select the Slayer that best suits your style as you hack, slash, and dismember your way through the districts of Hell-A. Not sure who to pick? Then this guide will take you through an overview of each character, as well as their Innate Skills and base stats to get you started.


Character Guide: Best Slayers in Dead Island 2

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  • Meet the Slayers
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  • Lightweight Slayers
    • Amy
    • Bruno
  • Middleweight Slayers
    • Dani
    • Jacob
  • Heavyweight Slayers
    • Ryan
    • Carla
  • Who’s the Best Slayer to Play As?

Meet the Six Slayers

Choosing which Slayer you want to play as can be tricky, especially as you won’t be able to swap your character throughout your playthrough. Each Slayer has their own unique abilities called Innate Skills, as well as their own motivations for charging through Hell-A and destroying every zombie in their path. With such distinct personalities, mannerisms, and approaches to each situation, you’ll want to get a feel for each Slayer before you commit to one in your playthrough. So let’s take you through them.

The six Slayers you can choose from are:

  • Jacob
  • Bruno
  • Carla
  • Dani
  • Ryan
  • Amy

Click on their names to quickly jump to their individual section of this guide.

Slayer Classes

The six Slayers in Dead Island 2 can be divided into three class archetypes that we'll call Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. While each of these Slayers has their own unique stats and Innate Skills, you’ll find overlaps and shared Skill Cards between them, placing them into three pairs.

Here’s a breakdown of where each Slayer fits into the three class archetypes:

Class ArchetypeSlayer Name
LightweightAmy and Bruno
MiddleweightDani and Jacob
HeavyweightRyan and Carla

Lightweight Slayers

Our Lightweight Slayers Amy and Bruno are best used for Critical Damage and Agility. If you pick either of these Slayers, you’ll want to think about approaching zombies stealthily especially if they’re isolated, to make the most of their heavy hits.

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Amy’s Innate Skills
Relief PitcherAmy regains STAMINA when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw
Divide and ConquerAmy gets a minor DAMAGE boost when she attacks isolated zombies

Choosing Amy

What Amy lacks in Toughness, she makes up for in her Agility. In fact, her Agility is better than any of the other Slayers in the game. Amy’s best used when attacking zombies from afar, throwing weapons to catch them by surprise, or dashing over to isolated zombies and getting a sweet attack boost while doing so. Don’t forget to duck and dive when using Amy, to get yourself out of sticky situations and avoid her being taken down in a few hits.

Amy's Stats
Health Recovery3/5
Critical Damage4/5
Peak Health2/5


Bruno’s Innate Skills
BackstabBruno gets a moderate DAMAGE boost when attacking zombies from behind
Rapid ReprisalBoost Bruno’s AGILITY and HEAVY ATTACK CHARGES when he avoids attacks with a BLOCK or DODGE

Choosing Bruno

Bruno packs the best Critical Damage in the game but does have the lowest Peak Health. With Bruno, it’s best to dodge and block to land those heavy blows, but then retreat quickly to avoid imminent death. Sneak up on zombies and attack from behind for an added damage boost that will splatter them in no time.

Bruno's Stats
Health Recovery3/5
Critical Damage5/5
Peak Health1/5

Middleweight Slayers

Middleweight Slayers Jacob and Dani are best used if you want to focus on Stamina and Peak Health. For both of them, this means you can get up close and personal with zombies and hack and slash away to your heart’s content. But you’ll need to keep an eye on health recovery for both of them and pick up plenty of snacks, drinks, and med kits along the way.



Dani’s Innate Skills
ThunderstruckDani’s HEAVY ATTACKS trigger a FORECFUL explosion on impact
BloodlustDani regains HEALTH when slaying multiple zombies in quick succession

Choosing Dani

Dani has the worst Health Recovery in the game but does have the Innate Ability of Bloodlust which negates this somewhat. When slaying multiple zombies in quick succession, Dani will regain health, so dive in head first and bring plenty of melee weapons to hack and slash your way back to full health. Keep picking up protein bars, and energy drinks, and always carry the max amount of health packs to keep Dani thriving.

Dani's Stats
Health Recovery1/5
Critical Damage3/5
Peak Health4/5


Jacob’s Innate Skills
FeralJacob gets a stackable minor DAMAGE boost when attacking in quick succession.
Critical GainsJacob’s CRITICAL HITS when stamina is low get a moderate CRITICAL DAMAGE boost and regain STAMINA

Choosing Jacob

Jacob is well-rounded with Toughness, Agility, and Critical Damage. The addition of the best Peak Health in the game, and fantastic Stamina means you should get in the midst of those zombie hordes and let Jacob unleash a fury of attacks. Just be careful of zombies with specific status attacks, as Jacob has low resilience.

Jacob's Stats
Health Recovery2/5
Critical Damage3/5
Peak Health5/5

Heavyweight Slayers

Carla and Ryan are our Heavyweight Slayers and their best used if you’re looking for Toughness and Resilience from your character. They might not be the fastest fighters, but they’ll do well up against environmental hazards and can withstand plenty of knocks.



Carla's Innate Skills
Mosh PitCarla gets a minor DAMAGE boost when close to multiple zombies
Dig DeepCarla gets a moderate TOUGHNESS boost while her health is critical

Choosing Carla

Carla has the best Resilience in the game. So when she’s in areas where she doesn’t just have the worry about the zombies, but the environment, too, she’s going to stick it out. She’s also got good Toughness and her Health Recovery and Peak Health are decent. This means she’ll be able to handle a few knocks, while also getting a damage boost when multiple zombies are around.

Carla's Stats
Health Recovery3/5
Critical Damage1/5
Peak Health3/5


Ryan’s Innate Skills
RetaliationRyan gets a moderate FORCE boost when using BLOCK or DODGE to avoid an attack
SeesawRyan regains HEALTH each time he knocks down a zombie

Choosing Ryan

Ryan has the best Toughness in the game, and his Health Recovery, Stamina, and Peak Health are all pretty solid. Thanks to his Toughness and excellent Resilience, he can take a number of hits that hordes of zombies will deliver. Keep dodging and blocking with Ryan to regain health and get ready to deliver heavy attacks when a zombie stumbles.

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Jacob's Stats
Health Recovery3/5
Critical Damage2/5
Peak Health3/5

Who’s the Best Slayer to Play As?

There isn’t one answer to this question, as it largely comes down to preference of play style. However, as Jacob and Dani are Middleweight Slayers, they’re good in most situations you’ll find yourself in, making them solid choices. Dani also has the added bonus of negating the worst Health Recovery in the game with her Bloodlust ability which helps her regain health when taking out large numbers of zombies.

That being said, if you prefer to play stealthily, Amy or Bruno should be your go-to. And if you like your Slayers tough and resilient, opt for Carla or Ryan. No matter who you pick, there’ll be plenty of Skill Cards to mix and match to create a Slayer tailored just for you. Plus, by completing Challenges you can give your characters permanent stat boosts that will apply to all Slayers.


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