Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki - Promotions & Tier List (2023)

Hi guys, welcome to our Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki, In this guide, we will show you Slayer Legend Best Build that you should use in the game. I strongly recommend you play around with the builds and discover your own path while playing the game. There are plenty of ways to overcome situations without having to follow a standard or meta build.

So come and take a look at this Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki. Also Read: Slayer Legend Soul Weapon Guide

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Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki

Spirit Dungeon Build

Summary: These builds are pretty much based on low investment skills to high. Try out / mix and match and see what works best for you and your current gear set.

Supersonic and Meditation should be cast manually.

Stage Timer: 100 Seconds

Beginner: Burning sword, curved blade, lightning stroke, red lightning, earth’s will, speed sword

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Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki - Promotions & Tier List (2)

Intermediate: Red lightning, Lightning stroke, supersonic, burning sword, earth’s will, fire sword, meditation, strong current, curved blade, speed sword

End Game: Red lightning, lightning stroke, lightning body, curved blade, burning sword, earth’s will, meditation, rage, speed sword, supersonic

Closed Mines Build

Goal: Spend one feather until you’ve reached the hardest floor you can and then farm stage 4. WITH ADVERTISEMENT SCROLLS!

Skill Build (7 skills): Fire Sword, Red lightning, Flame wave, Flowing Blade, Supersonic, Meditation, Iron will

End Game Skill Build (9 Skills): Fire Sword, Blizzard, Flame wave, Supersonic, Flowing Blade, Agile Movement, Burning Sword, Meditation, Iron will.

Stage Boss Builds

This can also be used for the Shelter of Sleeping Flame (Dragon Fight).

Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki - Promotions & Tier List (5)

Recommendations: Best Weapon and Accessory, 20-25 Mana Recovery (Optional if using Fulgurous)

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Skill Build (7 Skills): Fulgurous, Hellfire Slash, Giga Strike, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Burning Sword, Iron will (or replace with mana recovery skill)


Legendary Grade 1 Accessory can bring you a long way. Never enhance or try to roll for a new one unless you ABSOLUTELY have to.

Boss fights are approximately 28 seconds.

Stage Farming Build

Recommendations: Best Weapon and Accessory, 20-25 Mana Recovery (Optional if using Fulgurous)

Skill Build (9 Skills): Flowing Blade, Fire sword, Supersonic, Earth’s will, Blizzard or Red lightning, thunderbolt slash, Meditation, Agile movement, Fulgurous

Notes: If you don’t have enough slots remove agile movement.

Endgame (Stage 200+) Builds

Congratulations on making it this far. Things are going to get rough, but it can be overcome by continuing to progress your character and utilising a good build.

Equipment Expectations: G1 Mythic Weapon, Class Rank 17, G4 Mythic accessory and above.

Raveless (In progress)

Description: This build assumes you do not have the skill Rave.

Standard Rave

(Video) Slayer Legend Best Slayer Promotion Additional Ability Setup

Description: A standard build that utilizes Rave.

Flame Pillar, Fire blast, fire sword, blizzard, iron will, burning sword, Giga strike, Rave

Final (In progress)

Description: This build assumes you pretty much have everything at your disposal. This is the only build I don’t see F2P players having reasonable access to.

Warrior Burn, Wrath of God, Iron Will, Demon Hunt, Flame Pillar, Blizzard, X, X, Rave

What is Rave in Slayer Legend?

Summary: Rave is one of the two immortal skills you can learn upon obtaining Orr the immortal sword. In order to learn it you’ll need another extra mythic G1 weapon and immortal sword Orr. Side note, the mantra is simply a 30% hp/attack buff that doesn’t need to be equipped to the skill bar.

How does it work?

Records all the damage done within a span of 5 seconds and then on activation releases that damage. The first press activates “recording” and the second press releases all the damage.

During recording, the goal should be to do as much damage as possible. Afterwards, press Rave one more time and it will do 70% of the damage it recorded to the enemy.


  • Stacks with all active and passive buff skills
  • Ideally used toward the end of the fight for maximum damage output
  • Is unbelievably powerful when stacked with wrath of god and warrior burn.


Description: All Stages here have their own weakness to elements shown below, but you can also opt to take general builds and be just fine. Adventures are not meant to be rushed, so if you’re unable to clear with any skill build then revisit it later.

High Volume of Mobs Build: Fulgurous, Red lightning, Hellfire Slash, Thunderbolt Slash, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron will (or replace with mana recovery skill)

Mostly Boss Focused: Fulgurous, Red lightning, Hellfire Slash, Burning Sword, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron Will (or mana recovery skill)

Endgame (9 skills): Fulgurous, Flame Pillar, Blizzard, Warrior Burn, Meditation, Speed sword, Demon Hunt, Iron Will, Earth’s Will

Story Mode

Description: Story mode is not meant to be rushed, so if you’re unable to clear with any skill build then revisit it later. Story utilizes a mixture of high volume mobs and mostly boss focused builds.

High Volume of Mobs Build: Fulgurous, Red lightning, Hellfire Slash, Thunderbolt Slash, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron will (or replace with mana recovery skill)

Mostly Boss Focused: Fulgurous, Red lightning, Hellfire Slash, Burning Sword, Earth’s Will, Speed Sword, Iron Will (or mana recovery skill)

Endgame (9 skills): Fulgurous, Flame Pillar, Blizzard, Warrior Burn, Meditation, Speed sword, Demon Hunt, Iron Will, Earth’s Will

(Video) Slayer Legend Best Spirits for Farming, Enemies & Bosses

Companion Fights

Description: This is not meant to be rushed, so if you’re unable to clear with any skill build then revisit it later. This is a 1v1 fight that utilizes a boss focused build that takes elements into consideration. This guide is only recommendations for Advancement I and II.

Recommended Mana Recovery: 20-25 (Optional if using Fulgurous)

Notice: Try to play with or revise these builds for yourself. It’s very likely you’ll need to customize in order to get the best results.

Ellie (Wind): Iron will, Burning sword, Earth’s will, Curved Blade, Hellfire slash, Giga strike, Fire blast or Hot blast

Zeke (Earth): Burning Sword, Fire Sword, Fire blast (or flame slash), Hellfire Slash, Fulgurous, Speed Sword, Curved Blade (or mana recovery skill)

Miho (Fire): Water slash, ice time, fulgurous, speed sword, iron will, earth’s will, curved blade (or mana recovery skill)

Luna (Water): Thunderbolt Slash, Fire sword, earth’s will, speed sword, thunder slash, fulgurous, iron will (or mana recovery skill)

Dimensional Rift Build

Alternative build: Wrath/curved blade/blizzard/pillar/demon/burning sword/earth will/speed sword/meditate

Fill in your best alternatives if you lack some of these skills or utilize a boss build.

Slayer Legend Promotion Guide

Promotion: Mithril

Recommended Weapon: Mythic G4 – G1 Weapon

Recommended Class: Grade 15-19 Class

Skill Build:

Red Lightning – Flame Wave – Thunderbolt Slash – Iron Will – Speed Sword – Curved Blade – Fulgurous

Description: This build is focused on the assumption you have enough damage to one-shot the small mobs with Fulgurous. We recommend that you turn off the auto feature for red lightning and thunderbolt slash casting them manually to be efficient.

Optionally you can replace thunderbolt slash with lightning stroke if you have the damage.

Tips: You can replace the thunderbolt slash with a supersonic if you have it. Iron will be replaced with agile movement if you do not need the attack power.

That’s it for this Slayer Legend Skill Builds Wiki – Promotions & Tier List – Created by: Grumpus.

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What is the best Slayer pet in legend? ›

leg wolf is the only good slayer pet.

What is the blizzard skill in Slayer legend? ›

Blizzard – Attack and freeze all enemies in range. Supersonic – Damage all enemies in 7 range 6 times. Demon Hunt – High damage in 4 range 7 times. Warrior Burn – Trade HP for attack power for 5 seconds.

What is the max level in Slayer legend? ›

Max level is 200, until you awaken Orr to raise the limit to 250.

Which Slayer is best for money? ›

Old School RuneScape: 15 Most Profitable Slayer Monsters
  • 8 Basilisk Knight.
  • 7 Hydra.
  • 6 Abyssal Demon.
  • 5 Brutal Black Dragon.
  • 4 Kurasks.
  • 3 Gargoyle.
  • 2 Skeletal Wyvern.
  • 1 Greater Nechryael.
Feb 19, 2022

What is the most op pet in Ninja legends? ›

INFINITY-LORD. Infinty-Lording combines 10 of the same Ultra-Beast pets into a single stronger pet; this pet has stats that are 10 times higher than it's Ultra-Beast form.

How good is Thunder breathing in Project Slayers? ›

Thunder Breathing is one of the four types of breathing techniques available in the game that unlocks a total of six new fighting moves. It is also considered the top-tier breathing technique that you must learn.

What is the max breathing mastery in project slayers? ›

Breath Limit is: 75 , You have to manually breath using the "L" key and the breath meter will passively go down over time.

What rank is breathing in demon slayer legacy? ›

Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing Tier List Breakdown
S TierThunder Breathing
A TierBeast Breathing, Mist Breathing, Serpent Breathing
B TierInsect Breathing, Love Breathing
C TierSound Breathing
Jan 26, 2023

What is the lowest Demon Slayer rank? ›

The Demon Slayer Corps can be divided into 10 ranks: Mizunoto, Mizunoe, Kanoto, Kanoe, Tsuchinoto, Tsuchinoe, Hinoto, Hinoe, Kinoto, and Kinoe. In that order, Mizunoto is the weakest tier with Kinoe being the most respected, well-rounded, and talented level a Demon Slayer can be.

What level should I start doing Slayer? ›

Slayer itself can be started at any Combat level and has no requirements to start, apart from being a Member. Leveling the skill up is a great way to train at any Combat level. But, to be effective and get fast Slayer XP, I recommend having at least a Combat level of 70, using Chaedlar.

What is the Demon Slayer rank under Hashira? ›

The Hashira, the peak of the Corps' strength, rank at a level beyond even Kinoe. To qualify for this prestigious title, a Demon Slayer must attain the rank of Kinoe and slay either 50 demons or a member of the Twelve Kizuki.

How do you become a pure Slayer? ›

To become a Pure Slayer, you'll need to successfully defeat and execute the Demon at the Tutorial.

How do you get soul in Slayer legend? ›

Green, blue and red soul are acquired by defeating enemies on stages or exchanging white soul for them. White Soul is gotten from Auto-Hunting rewards. You can also aquire soul by breaking down weapons. Only 1 sword can be equipped at a time so put on your best one, then breakdown old weapons for more souls.

What is the easiest Slayer Master to get to? ›

Turael is the easiest Slayer Master, found north of Burthorpe bank. He has no minimum combat or Slayer level requirements before players may receive assignments. His daughter, Spria, succeeds him after the events of While Guthix Sleeps.

Are Dark Beasts worth it? ›

In general, Dark Beast tasks are not worthwhile. They give low slayer experience and low profits per hour. However, slayer masters will assign a very low amount (10-20 per task). Therefore, due to the speed of the task, it is not worth skipping or blocking them in the long run if you are worried about slayer points.

How good is Void Omega Pegasus? ›

This pet is obtainable by opening the Infinity Void Crystal found in the Blazing Vortex Island, with a 99% chance of hatching this pet. This pet is now one of the best in game, second only to the Twin Element Birdies found in the same crystal.

How do you get ultra doom colossus? ›

The Ultra Doom Colossus is a Legend and currently the only non-robux MEGA pet unlockable in Ninja Legends 2. It can be obtained by opening the Forgotten Legends Orb.

How do you get Shadow Storm? ›

Shadow Stormfish can be caught in the Ocean. Shadow Stormfish require Leeches to catch. Shadow Stormfish can only be caught when inside a Storm.

Which Hashira uses thunder breathing? ›

A Thunder Breathing user that reaches the rank of Hashira is dubbed the Rumble Hashira ( 鳴 なり 柱 ばしら , Nari Bashira?). In the manga, whenever a Thunder Breathing user performs their techniques, they visualize themselves creating lightning that is bright yellow in color with a white outline.

Who is the strongest Thunder breathing user? ›

Thunder Breathing is one such technique that Zenitsu has used to great effect in the series. Of course, Zenitsu is only the master of the first form, but it goes without saying that the other techniques of Thunder Breathing will also be awe-inspiring to witness in Demon Slayer.

Is breathing technique real? ›

Breathing exercises can help with a range of medical conditions, particularly stress and anxiety. They are most effective as part of a daily routine. People can try breathing techniques for the first time when they are calm and breathing normally. They may find it beneficial to practice at the same time every day.

What is the strongest breathing style in project slayer? ›

1) Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing is undoubtedly one of the, if not the best, Breathing Styles in Roblox Project Slayers. Players who prefer evasive movement and inflicting tremendous damage during fights can happily choose the Thunder Breathing Style.

What is the best to worst breathing in project slayers? ›

The breathing techniques have been graded from S-Tier to C-Tier, with S-Tier being the best breathing moves and C-Tier containing the poorest breathing techniques. Water, Thunder, Insect, and Wind are the several breathing techniques that may be used in the game.

Can you get more than one breathing style in project slayers? ›

Project Slayers breathing is a mechanic that becomes available to you after you reach level 12, and there are four types – water, thunder, insect, and wind. In order to learn each one, you need to find the various teachers that know the craft.

What is the most overpowered breathing in Demon Slayer? ›

Hinokami Kagura, also known as Sun Breathing, is easily one of the strongest Breathing Styles in the series by a wide margin.

What rank is Zenitsu? ›

Zenitsu ranked 2nd place in the first popularity poll with 4,299 votes. Zenitsu ranked 1st place in the second popularity poll with 17,451 votes.

Who is the strongest Hashira breathing? ›

3 Stone Breathing, Third Form: Stone Skin

Regarded by Tanjiro and Inosuke as the strongest Hashira, and by Oyakata (the head of the Demon Slayer Corps) as one of the most loyal and reliable, he is clearly a true pillar of strength.

What rank is Nezuko? ›

Nezuko's rankings in the popularity polls are as follows: Nezuko ranked 3rd place in the first popularity poll with 3,319 votes. Nezuko ranked 11th place in the second popularity poll with 5,000 votes.

Who is the lowest Hashira? ›

Shinobu Kocho is a capable Demon Slayer whose worthy of being the Insect Hashira. That being said, she's arguably the weakest Hashira when it comes to pure strength.

Who is the weakest Hashira? ›

When it comes to pure strength, Shinobu Kocho is the weakest Hashira in Demon Slayer. She doesn't even have enough strength to decapitate a demon's head and she makes up for it by injecting poison into the demons.

Which Slayer Master for fastest XP? ›

For the fastest Slayer XP, it is not recommended to use Konar. So, the only two Slayer Masters you should be using are Nieve or Duradel. Nieve's most common slayer task is actually a JAD task, which is very different to Duradel's most common task, which is Abyssal Demons.

What is the best Slayer gear in slot? ›

The Imbued Slayer Helmet

It is the best in slot against all the monsters and bosses killed on a slayer task. You need level ten defence to equip it. It's crafted using various pieces of Slayer equipment, and as a bonus, it gives you the protective effects of all the items used to create it: Black Mask.

What is the best weapon for Slayer training? ›

The Webweaver bow and Craw's bow are the best weapons to use for most tasks, but for some tasks the toxic blowpipe is better due to its higher attack speed.

Who is the rank 1 Hashira? ›

1. Gyomei Himejima. Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira, is the strongest Hashira in the Demon Slayer corps in terms of strength and swordsmanship. He is the only person who uses spiked flails and an axe instead of standard swords to kill demons.

Who is the smartest Hashira? ›

1) Shinobu Kocho

The Insect Pillar of Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is undeniably the smartest individual. She might not be physically stronger than others, but her intelligence is what kept her going.

Who is higher than Hashira? ›

Ranking above Kinoe is a special group of nine members known as Hashira, who solely report to the leader of the Demon Slayers. Masters of the sword, a Hashira's position is second only to that of the Corps commander.

Who is the hardest Slayer Master? ›

Duradel is the hardest Slayer Master. To be assigned tasks from Duradel, players must have a Slayer level of at least 50, and a combat level of at least 100.

Do demon slayers get paid? ›

The Demon Slayer core is divided into 10 ranks, Mizunoto being the lowest, Tokino Wee being the highest. Since Tanjiro, Enosuke and Zenitsu are ranked 4th from the bottom. and hold the Canali rank, they get paid around $260 for their job every month.

Who is the youngest demon slayers? ›

At 14, just a year younger than Tanjiro and Inosuke, Nezuko is very much the baby out of the four. She's also the youngest character in the main cast.

Where is the secret relic sword? ›

The Sacred Relic Sword weapon can be found at the following location: Trade Elden Remembrance with Enia at Roundtable Hold.

How do you get the secret relic sword? ›

Once you have the Elden Remembrance in your possession, travel to the Roundtable and meet with the Finger Reader Enia. Interact with her to receive your power from the remembrance and purchase the Sacred Relic Sword.

How do you get a cursed relic? ›

After unlocking Angel and Demon, defeat the boss. The Broken Relic doesn't need to be equipped; simply buying it unlocks the graveyard puzzle. With that, the Broken Relic will become the Cursed Relic, changing the music of all overworld themes to An Ominous Stroll.

How do you get demon soul weapons? ›

Boss Soul Weapons are rare weapons that can be crafted by combining a specific weapon and a Boss Demon Soul. These weapons can only be crafted at Blacksmith Ed, and only after you have given him the Searing Demon's Soul to unlock advanced crafting.

What is the rarest pet in legends of speed? ›

Ultimate Overdrive Bunny is a pet originally from Legends of Speed. To obtain this pet you must go to the Electro Legends Crystal which is located at the Legends Highway. There is a 2% chance of encountering this pet, it is the best pet in the game, and also the rarest.

Is legendary wolf pet worth it? ›

It is generally considered the best pet for leveling up Combat due to level 100 LEGENDARY versions of this pet giving 30 ☯ Combat Wisdom.

What is the favorite pet in sea of thieves? ›

Monkeys are among the most popular pets in Sea Of Thieves, so the Order Of Souls Possessed Monkey should help you stand out if you love these tiny primates.

What is the most profitable thing to do in Sea of Thieves? ›

Skeleton Forts For A Bountiful Reward

Along with a multitude of different world events, forts are a great way to get some gold while straying away from the quests and voyages, such as the challenging Fort of Fortune. Simply head towards the floating green skulls in the sky and the ship should sail near a skeleton fort.

Is there a way to get a free pet in Sea of Thieves? ›

How to Get Pets for Free. If you want to get a pet for free, currently the only way to do that is to beat the odds and find an ancient skeleton to kill. Even then there's no guarantee it'll drop enough to by yourself a furry friend, but the alternative is paying real money, which you may not be willing to do.

What is the fastest legend? ›

Octane. Octane is the epitome of aggressive play, and you'll always find a good Octane player recklessly charging ahead of his team during engagements. Both his Tactical and Ultimate give him incredible mobility, making him the fastest legend overall.

How rare is a shiny pet? ›

It's been determined that the base rate of Shiny Pets is 0.17%, which means you have a 1 in 600 chance of finding one while playing. Yet if you were to unlock the Shiny Relic, your options would increase slightly to 0.20% or 1 in 500.

How do you get a mega pet? ›

Getting A Mega Neon Pet

To get a Mega Neon Pet, you will need to combine four Neon Pets at the Neon Cave. For example, to make a Mega Neon Poodle, you will need to have four Neon Poodles, which each consists of four normal Poodles. In total, this means that you will need to have 16 of the same pet.

What pet is best for healer class? ›

Jellyfish is the best healer pet, but if you are healer, it's recommended to play another class with it, such as berserker or mage, so just use the pet used with those classes.

Which pet gives more combat XP? ›

Enderman Pet - Using the Enderman Cortex Rewriter, it can be upgraded to the MYTHIC rarity at Kat for 1,000,000 coins. This adds a 4th ability, Enderman Slayer. This ability adds +40% more combat XP from endermen.

What is the chance of legendary dragon pet? ›

The drop chance of the LEGENDARY pet is 0.04% with 100 ✯ Magic Find and 4 Summoning Eyes placed.

What happens if your pet dies in Sea of Thieves? ›

Can my pet die? Heavens no! Pets in Sea of Thieves do not take any damage from you, your crew or a rival crew so you have nothing to worry about.

Is there a fox pet in Sea of Thieves? ›

Foxes are a type of companion pet in Sea of Thieves. They are purchaseable from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins. Foxes will be loyal to their owner, following them on and off the ship.


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